Friday, December 3, 2010

We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes

OK, I wasn't planning on posting more than once a week, but this is just too much darn fun...

Death Cab, what a band. As a teenager I used to go to bed with my headphones on listening to, not an Ipod, but the radio. I would listen to the hour of Pink Floyd on the classic rock station every Monday night. I would listen to the top 10 most requested songs of the day on the alternative station. But my favorite thing to listen to was the local music show every Sunday night. I would lay in the dark and hear songs by Modest Mouse, Elliott Smith, Carissa's Wierd, and of course Death Cab For Cutie.

We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes came out the week after my 16th birthday. I can vividly remember hearing the above song one of those nights and feeling blown away by the beauty and power of the music. I have loved this album ever since. From the "Title Track" to "405", to the energetic "Company Calls", to the sad and fragile "No Joy in Mudville". Death Cab has come a long way since being a little indie band from Bellingham, WA (where I used to live.) I have come a long way to from that teenager falling asleep to the radio. But I will never forget how the music made me feel and how it makes me feel today.

I was able to see Death Cab perform live in Seattle when I was 20 and it was a great show! I continue to listen to their music today.

PS How bout them running short!


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